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CristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed Jan 23 02:27:43 2019 [Edit/Delete]
wolfguard I had forgotten about DARPA, but it's still a little difficult for me to envision self-driving cars in my hometown of Rapid City.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Wed Jan 23 02:10:01 2019 [Edit/Delete]
yay dirtysocks!

deadguy qod

I think fifteen years later, the
scoobies would be living apart.
Heck, even family members don't
necessarily live with each other.
I can see them scattered about,
but still keeping in touch.

Happy Non-Buffy Tuesday!

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Trivia Girl says:
(Wed Jan 23 01:32:38 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: What was the name of Buffy's father?
Answer: Hank

Trivia Master: notsoShyGirl

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wolfguard says:
(Wed Jan 23 00:12:10 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Christopher Marlowe,

DARPA1 held its first "Grand Challenge" autonomous car race in the
the Mohave Valley in 2004. The course length was 150 miles. None of the
entries finished. Two cars made it to ~ 7 miles.

The second Grand Challenge was held in 2005. The course was a bit shorter, 132
miles. Of the 23 entries, 22 made it to at least seven miles and five entries
completed the course. Big improvement over one year. And this was fourteen
years ago.


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Agent Cooper says:
(Tue Jan 22 21:58:47 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Chris Marlowe: I don't either. I know technology can do wonderful things, but I can't see this working. Because it's a matter of more than just whether the tech works. There's myriad legal issues, insurance issuees, etc. And the margin of error is non-existent. People will be hurt or worse if it goes wrong.

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Jan 22 19:57:20 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper, Comma I really have a hard time envisioning how self-driving cars would ever work.

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Tue Jan 22 19:48:48 2019| [Edit/Delete]
RIP Kaye Ballard

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Tue Jan 22 19:35:55 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Comma: Well, that would be nice I suppose.

As a fairly avid bicyclist and bicycle commuter, I have mixed feelings about the self-driving car issue.

On one hand I think they could be a real menace to cyclists.

On the other hand, they might still be better than the self absorbed, inattentive, reckless idiots that are at the wheel these days!

^ v
Comma says:
(Tue Jan 22 16:43:30 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper: I have to wonder when the nation will have 'approved' self driving cars. It seems like, it would be easy to make a seat, that could monitor if a person was capable to react, if needed.

Times are changing!


^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Tue Jan 22 16:43:30 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Trivia Girl

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YayOfTheDay says:
(Tue Jan 22 14:52:23 2019 [Edit/Delete]
let's hear a great big bronze cheer for dirtysocks

yay dirtysocks!

today's deadguy memorial buffy tuesday question is brought to you by:

sunnydale real estate - rock bottom prices

fifteen years or so later which scoobies are living together?

Happy Non-Buffy Tuesday!

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Trivia Girl says:
(Tue Jan 22 14:26:46 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Buffy
Question: What was the name of Buffy's father?

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TheBirthdayGnomette says:
(Tue Jan 22 14:18:35 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Today Tuesday, January 22nd 2019 C.E.

We have SIX (6) Birthdays!

Jennifer Lynn

Happy Birthday from the Bronze, to Frobly, Jennifer Lynn, Juliette0016, JenMuse, Non, peanut

Mal: He calls back, you keep them occupied. Wash: What do I do, shadow puppets?
'The Message''

to be added to the birthday list, please email

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ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Tue Jan 22 14:10:03 2019 [Edit/Delete]
good morning beta!

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white wings says:
(Tue Jan 22 02:48:02 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper - I didn't know that brain surgery in and of itself caused a possibility of seizures far into the future. It's a good thing to be aware of. It makes sense that it could happen, it just seems odd that it leaves you at risk forever. But no one asked me when nature was set up. *g*

It seems very clear that you don't want to bother the DMV with the matter if it isn't required. Just get Mrs. Cooper well enough that driving is not a danger to herself and others, insofar as one can predict these things, and get the doctor's note.

Good luck with the logistics until life can get back to normal.

^ v
Trivia Girl says:
(Tue Jan 22 00:34:08 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Sunnydale's Trivial Pursuit

Category: Gods
Question: Hemera was the greek goddess of what?
Answer: Daylight

Trivia master: notsoShyGirl!

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Jan 21 23:31:28 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper I'm not sure
why they have that kind of law in
place, when there isn't a way to
really enforce it, as like you say,
doctors don't have to say anything.

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Mon Jan 21 21:50:04 2019 [Edit/Delete]
White Wings: I forgot to answer your question about the driving. The guidelines in my state are sort of vague about that. I've been online and the law just isn't very definitive. I'm still a bit confused.

What I found so far is that officially, the DMV says you have to go 12 months without a seizure to be able to drive again. But Doctors in NYS don't have to report to DMV. So they don't really know she's not supposed to drive and technically Mrs. Cooper could drive right now today and nobody would be the wiser. They don't actually officially pull your license or anything. It's alot like if, say, you break your ankle and the doctor says not to drive for six weeks. They don't call DMV and tell them and have them suspend your license. They just advise you not to drive.

When you read into the law, really it comes down to your doctor. They have the real power to decide if you're okay to drive or not. If they write a note that your cleared to drive, then you're okay. And that can actually be any time within the 12 month period required by DMV.

So say, you have a seizure. DMV says you have to go one full year without an event to drive again, but your doctor can write a note saying you are a low risk and okay to drive after say, 3 months and then you're okay.

At least, that's the info we're getting. Obviously, we want to make sure she's safe. A seizure at the wheel could be a disaster.

Not to mention that if you have a seizure and cause an accident you are likely to lose your license for good, especially if you've been told not to drive before hand.

^ v
Agent Cooper says:
(Mon Jan 21 21:34:00 2019 [Edit/Delete]
White Wings: About nine years ago my wife had surgery on her brain. It was completely successful, and she has had no problems since, other than having to go back for a routine MRI once a year. Which have all been fine.

Apparently though, once you have any kind of surgery on your brain, no matter how minor or successful, you are at slightly more of a risk for seizures later on then the general population. And it can be right after the surgery, or 25 years later. Or never. No way to tell.

They think that's the cause. Doc says it may never happen again, even without meds, but for now she's on anti-seizure meds and can't drive. We're now working out how to get her back on the road, and when will it be safe to do that, etc. It's a big challenge for both of us without her driving, logistics wise, what with work and the kids etc. You can imagine the inconvenience. And she hates not having the independence.

I'm just honestly glad she still with me, so I don't mind driving her around for awhile. :-)

^ v
ChristopherMarlowe says:
(Mon Jan 21 20:48:03 2019 [Edit/Delete]
Agent Cooper I can't imagine what you must have been feeling, but glad things turned out ok, weather-wise and family-wise.

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