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I may have trouble convincing you I'm Joss says:
(Wed Oct 17 02:45:00 2001)
Hello. i may have trouble convincing you i'm joss, but I really am. I mean, even more than usual. I'm SO Joss that... it doesn't matter. Only the information I have is important. And I don't actually have any. EXCEPT THIS: I have spoken to the brass a UPN very specifically about getting a real posting board on the site. They're new at this, but it's gonna happen. And we will chat and there will be colors and all will be well. Just be patient. In the meanwhile, here is my usual list of obviously fake spoilers:

All gay

Buffy dies

Runaway bunny --from the GRAVE!

Ah, my heart just ain't in it. Anyhoo, to be concludy, thanks to those that have been keeping the torch burning -- I only heard about this place tonight. I'm all beat up from shooting the damn musical. I'm at the it's-a-disaster-they're-gonna-take-away-my-DGA-card-and-put-me-in-a-cage stage. Hopefully that will be replaced by a more optimistic frame of mind any day now.

So there it is. You can now all start doubting my identity.