Joss Whedon speaks about "Once More with Feeling"

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joss says:
(Wed Nov 7 05:49:27 2001)
The ghost of Ty... I AM going to sleep, as I stated on the other board, but two things:

Yes Tony's cutting an album, and by the by there happens to be a song on it by, um, ME! That I wrote just for Tone. Cuz he said to.

And Kibs, you get the Anya outfit and Rocky it is. No prob with that.

joss says:
(Wed Nov 7 05:24:48 2001)
for the record, I played D&D for one semester in college. It was incredibly fun.

for the CD, we'll all have to wait. But I'm working on it.

joss says:
(Wed Nov 7 05:11:08 2001)
so, a few things: Tom Whedon is in fact my Dad. He also used to write musicals before he worked in TV, so today he is either very proud or changing his name.

By the by, I'm LOVIN' next weeks ep. Michelle branch works great in it - I saw her in boston ('cause of Jesse) and one song completely gave me the feeling I wanted for ep 8. Didn't love it on the album though (overproduced) So Michelle and the boys recorded like the live version while touring, so it's not gonna sound like anything else, which is nice. Then she went out and became this big noise, which is great (she's very cool), and is playing on the ep her music helped shape. Synergy -- it's overwhelming.

The nerd troika. It's SO PATHETIC how much the writing staff IS those guys, and I do include me. We're constantly having nerdtriv arguments and realizing they must go in scripts. Adam Busch is great, isn't he? All those guys. Jeez, this is just my night for praisin' people, isn't it? Well, they deserve it.

And no, I wasn't thinking of "Now/Soon/Later" when I wrote "I'll never tell", but is there a better song in the world? My mother played Desiree in summerstock, she was the only one who ever dragged out that old warhorse "Send in the Clowns" and got TEARS from me. Hell of a woman.

joss says:
(Wed Nov 7 04:46:47 2001)
No more shoutouts! Certainly not to Chris Beck and Jesse Tobias, the musical geniuses who guided me through this whole thing. How about Chris' overture? Trivwise, Jesse plays in Splendid, who has been on the show twice, is a great friend, handled the more rockin' end of the orchestration (but he and chris blended pretty seamlessly) and is also musical director and lead guitarist for Michelle Branch, who's appearing on the show next week. Whew!

joss, appearing not seeing red says:
(Wed Nov 7 04:40:00 2001)
Kibs -- that was actually a bit high for James at the end, he loves the growlies, sings a lot of Waits and Springsteen. So in your face (is a smootch.)

I don't know if my Noxon shout out made it to the UPN board, so I'll reiterate - how cool is she? What a classic voice, like Emma's it's just perfect for a musical. Yay her.

I can't possibly praise all the people I have to praise right now, but I would like to comment on the people posting that they'd like "have my baby" or "be my sex slave". Let's be realistic here. That is SO COOL!

(Yeah, I'm still kind of a loser)

joss, ever widening says:
(Wed Nov 7 04:34:06 2001)
The short version will air I think a week from fri -- it was hell to do, but we pulled out "If Were together" entirely, plus a verse from spike and a verse from "Walk through the fire". Plus a messload of dialogue, the overture and Dawn's Ballet. All gone. So tonight -- and the inevitable if very far off DVD are the real versions of the show. The rerun is kind of like highlights. Hopefully it still plays as a dramatic piece though, not a hodgepodge.

joss still says:
(Wed Nov 7 04:28:48 2001)
Kibs, I DID check their ranges. To whom in particualr were you referring?

joss wondering if he's still red says:
(Wed Nov 7 04:25:31 2001)
If red is Mere's color I'm happy to wear it. She just turned in a rockin' script for angel 11. Yet another coworker who's way too goodlookin' to be so talented.

KIBA! Hey, baby. Long time. Hope you enjoyed.

It's official, the UPN site has gone boom. I guess that means there was a big response. I hope.

joss, leaving says:
(Wed Nov 7 04:02:09 2001)
how'd I get so red?

joss, somehow needing a password? says:
(Wed Nov 7 04:01:08 2001)
Hemnoy! Things moving a little slowly over at the UPN site, thought I'd drop by one last time tonight. Speaking of the UPN site, yeah, kinks not worked out, but cut 'em some slack, they're trying hard to please us. They've never done this befroe, and nobody told them that picking up the show meant picking up the website as well. Anyhoo, i'm gonna go back there when it cools down. But while i'm here, can I just echo what that other guy said? I think it went something like this: Amber Benson.... Amber Benson...

joss, accept no substitutes... says:
(Wed Nov 7 02:53:14 2001)
I know, I know, maybe it's not me. But I'm REALLY sure it is this time. Anyhoo, I'm about to go on the UPN board as scheduled and wanted to say thanks here first to everyone who has been keeping the bronze alive. I don't know if beta will fold or whether there'll be dueling boards or what, but it's been great to be able to come here and just be myself, even if my identity is constantly in question. OH! Here's a thuoght: I, as offical actual me, will post the word HEMNOY in my first post. Then you'll know this was me. Brilliant. Elegant in its simplicity... but enuf. I hope you all dug the ep. I'm jumping.

much love,