Joss Whedon speaks about PBP 2002

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I Still Know That I Wasn't Joss Last Summer says:
(Sun Feb 17 21:01:39 2002)
Seriously, I'm bummed I couldn't meet everyone -- I just got exhausted! The trooper of Life was Amber, who was really sick and almost couldn't come. Thank you guys for the whole bash. The one night when writers get to pretend they're rock stars. (What exactly happened with DeKnight's undies? On second thought, never mind. Seriously.)

By the by, I for some reason have had trouble finding this site, which is why I've not been around. Oh, that and being insanely busy. I mean, even for me.

certainly not joss says:
(Sun Feb 17 20:56:25 2002)
Okay, weird: went for my usual Saturday at the American Legion, looking to shoot some pool and trade war stories, and there a bunch of groupies there for some "Television" program? I mean, they seemed nice and all, that Britgirl certainly made an impression, and a very sweet Kiba sort of gal, but it was a madhouse. Three evil nerds dancing on stage (Followed later by three COMPLETE nerds dancing on stage, heh heh... oh dear...), all very fun. That Denisof fellow signing even longer than I (who was apparently taken for some kind of "television" prducer, despite my manly lumberjack beard) could... all great fun. And an impressive sum raised for Make a Wish. All in all, somehwta rockin' as you youngsters would say. But where were my fellow leagionaires?