Joss Whedon speaks about "Grave"

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joss, already says:
(Wed May 22 07:23:10 2002)
So I'm REALLY REALLY going to bed. Two things: I actually wasn't aware of the dead/evil lesbian cliche. I wasn't aware of the 'add a young girl in the fifth season' cliche either. I think I don't get out much.

And Thoin, I'd like to call them Mr Wynn and Mr Kidd, respectively. Sleep now.


no hatred says:
(Wed May 22 07:17:22 2002)
All right, you get the "kept Joss From Sleeping" award. (The ceremony is televised oct 11th). Your question is well put, and it's one I've asked since the only things I was writing were for my own 14 year old self to read. What is my responsiblity? How dark should I get, how much should every one of my characters represent an ideal or a reality? How far can you delve into evil before you are actually propagating it? Is propagating a real word? These are questions that must be confronted every time out to bat, and every time the decision is different. We have to delve into unconfortable and even awful places to find the heart of our stories (especially with the horror). These are fairy tales, not driving manuals. However, I have a mass audience, I have to show them something besides horror, I have to have values....
And so on. The fact is, if you are worried about these issues, you're probably worried enough. Too much of our culture today is controlled by people who don't give a rat's *** about their message, who just churn out crap. I don't like most slasher films because they don't like people -- they're just kill fodder. Now there's also people preaching one thing while glorifying another, there's what Robin Wood calls the "Incoherent Text" of so many seventies movies, where peace and understanding may be the underlying desire, but horror and violence is the structure -- or the fun. My favorite example of the incoherent text is DIE HARD, where Buce Willis must learn to e more supportive of his wife -- while systematically stripping away everything (her boss, her workplace, her watch, her NAME) that she has. The decency running alongide the misogyny there is evident. I guess the point is, the best texts are incoherent. They EMBODY the struggle you describe. Horror is reactionary. I'm liberal. But we get along. And DIE HARD is a great damn flick.

Did that make any sense?

how does this board know who I am if I don't know my password? says:
(Wed May 22 07:02:03 2002)
Seroiusly, that means they know WHERE I am, and everything about me. So I'd just like to say, this may LOOK like women's lingerie, but it's just a clever swimsuit. In case I need to swim.

On to other things. Which is, Thanks all for your support. I appreciate the passion of those who criticize me, but it isn't until someone comes to my defense that I realize how much I feel it. So thanks. And good night.

And if anyone sees Kiba, please explain to her that it's just a clever swimsuit....



can't remember my damn password says:
(Wed May 22 06:49:59 2002)
Well, I started me quite a brawl over there in UPNLand. Whoopsie? I'll just sneak out through here... Sumbuddy sed I only posted there cuz th' UPN FORCED me to, which how they would I'm unclear about, but the sad truth is I just wanted to say hey, let people know I was still in the mix, and I finally remembered my damn password over there. Anyhoo, here as well but only on th' quick, to say hi. Never know where people are at but hi to all youse regular types that I know. Watch all my shows and buy the products advertised in between! (That was pretty shameless.) (Seriously, I crossed a line there, I'm sorry.)
Bye now!