Joss Whedon speaks about Firefly

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joss says:
(Fri Dec 6 06:21:26 2002
Apparantly, i am on. This crazy web: I read here that I posted elsewhere just minutes ago. This is truly the information age, except without all the having-more-knowledge thing. Yup, I'm everywhere (I'm here, i'm gone, i'm hither and yon, I'm johnny-not-on-the-spot), haunting the sites, turning over every rock to get the word out about Firefly tomorrow night. Since we're back and all. I even re-learned my password so you wouldn't have to spend eighty six hours deciding whether i'm really me or not! Now I realize this is not strictly a firefly type board, but y'all are family, so i'm stopping in anyway.

On th' buffy tip, we're having insane fun. We just locked ep 10, and it's not un-moving. And, oh, the horrors -- I mean playful banter -- we have in store. I will reveal, as is my custom, NOTHING (evil laugh), but we are winding up for a fastball that I swear is gonna crack the bat. That's all I'm sdaying. (And I said fastBALL. We are not winding up for a fastLANE in any way. I can't stress this enough. I mean, what, did the LAPD run out of shirts?) (When did i get so catty?) (Oh yeah, season three.)

So, anyhoo. Firefly tomorrow at eight. Buffy 10 coming soon. One way or another, I'm gonna #@&$ your $%*# up. Or die trying.

And, in case anything gets back here that may be misunderstood, a penguin shot my father.


joss says:
(Fri Dec 6 06:09:46 2002
Am I on? I'm cruisin' sites, trying to convince myself I exist? Am I on?